Sunday, October 17, 2010

Another Keyboard this week: Ultra Keyboard [Less Touch for Higher Efficiency]

In a weekly blog series on Android apps, today, I am going to talk about one more keyboard. If you are wondering why I have chosen to write about another keyboard, let me tell you that my experience of Android phones has been awesome except for the Android keyboard option. And like I wrote in my last blog, some of my friends decided to go back to their old phones or wanted to buy a phone with much simpler and better keyboard option. Android needs to address this issue and it has tried this through many keyboards. So, today, I am here to recommend Ultra keyboard that is loaded with features and can make you 20-30% more efficient and make your experience of typing almost a cakewalk. So, let's talk about this keyboard that is loaded with so many great options. While this post highlights a lot of features of the keyboard, let me call out my favorite: I love customizations offered by the keyboard; there are plenty of layouts for every function. For example, there are layouts for phone numbers, emails, SMS, and also the views of the keyboard are customizable to alpha (abcd order), qwerty, qwertz, mobile keyboard, and others. So, the keyboard get 5/5 for offering so many customization options. Read on and take a look at other awesome features of the keyboard!

User Comments from Android Market
  • Been a Swype user for months, tried this and in 5 minutes I knew it was superior!
  • Just replaced Swype, Slide IT, and ShapeWriter. Awesome Keyboard!
  • Still the only keyboard I'd pay for


  • Super cool custom Themes for your keyboard
  • Adjustable Keyboard height
  • Different keyboard views for numbers, letters, symbols,
  • Tracing allowed
  • Set different layouts like alpha and QWERTZ if you are not familiar with QWERTY
  • Voice to Txt feature of the tool is much better than that of the ones offered by similar apps.
  • Arrow keys for better navigation
  • Configurable swipe gestures

2.73 Mb, Version 5.6.3, No option for SD Card

Market Link

What can be done better?

Symbols on keys need to be bigger and word choice should be more practical when tracing.

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